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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Cheese dream log: Feta

Yesterday I heard an interesting story on KUOW, an interview with a man who'd conducted a study on the impact of cheese on dreams. Apparently the motivation for the study was to dispel the myth that eating cheese before sleeping causes nightmares. The results: eating cheese before sleeping actually enhances the quality of your sleep, and the type of cheese you eat impacts the type of dream you have. Stilton causes bizarre dreams, cheddar lends itself to dreaming about celebrities, and women who eat British brie before sleeping experience pleasant dreams.

I was interested in the story, but then forgot about it until this morning, when I was remembered some odd dreams I had last night. In the first, I ran into identical twin boys that went to the school that I worked at six years ago. They were still nine years old and were wearing heavy eye makeup. They ran up to me and introduced themselves in what I found to be a troubling way. They had either switched names to see if I would notice, or said their names sarcastically enough that I wasn't sure they were telling the truth. I felt I was being tested.

Then the alarm went off. I hate it when I forget to unset my alarm on weekends. Fortunately, I was able to get back to sleep. I dreamed that I was dreaming. In my dream, my mother was coming home from Ireland and my brother I haven't seen in 5 years decided to surprise her. When she arrived, he fainted. I then woke up from the dream within the dream only to have that dream come true.

It was then that I remembered I'd eating a bunch of feta shortly before going to bed. Maybe there's something to this study after all. I'll test out another cheese later this week and share the results.

Bon Appetit_, Dream On_


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