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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Already Have Character

I am ready for this month to be over. As if Ray's health issues weren't enough to deal with, my own came up. Last week Ray and I were both on antibiotics and spent the week convalescing on the couch. I am now thankfully off mine, and am really appreciating being able to drink wine again.

My laptop has been having health issues, too, and the really expensive trip to the Mac doctor still hasn't corrected the problem I encounter when I type...letters are inserted back into words I've already typed a few sentences back. I am already the queen of typos, I am sure I could win some sort of "Librarian Who Makes the Most Typos" contest. The two best typos I have ever made are "the last upper" and "paradigm shit", which probably wasn't really a typo so much as a reflection of the way I felt about the term after an excessive focus on them my first semester of library school.

Dealing with the bills Ray, my laptop and I have acrewed this past month has put me in a much tighter financial position that I am used to dealing with, especially because I have a tendency to treat bad weeks with retail therapy, and I didn't want to deny myself that treat just because I am broke. On Friday I bought another beautiful party dress that I now need an occasion to wear, and yesterday I bought a Minnie Mouse like red and white polka dot bathing suit.

I literally can't afford to have another bad week any time soon. I've had enough, and I am past the point where I think they are making me a stronger or wiser person. I already have character.


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