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Sunday, August 20, 2006


I'm sure everyone has been dying to know how I became The Angry Librarian.

It's not based in real life at all. I have a temper that I try keep in check most of the time. The angry librarian actually comes from a dream I had my final semester of library school when I was under a lot of stress. I dreamed I was in a really boring class. I was glad when it was time for a break, and left with a group of people I was working on a project with to go to lunch. I waited in a line to order my sandwich for what seemed like an excessively long period of time. I started reading a book while I waited.

At some point, I became aware that somehow the people behind me in line had been able to order their food. I got the attention of the woman taking orders and told her I'd been waiting for a really long time. She smiled at me in a shitty way and told me she hadn't thought I wanted any food because I was so busy reading Seventeen magazine.

I didn't read Seventeen when I was a teenager, I definitely wasn't reading it in my early thirties, and I let the woman know it. She had already moved on to another person behind me in the line. I started yelling at her, and she ignored me. In a desperate attempt to get her attention, I took a stack of books and started hitting her over the head with them. She began to bleed. It looked pretty bad, but head injuries often seem worse than they really are.

A couple of the people I'd come to the deli with rushed over to help her. They decided to take her to the hospital.

It was at this moment that I realized my whole MLS program had been reality t.v. show on the process of becoming a librarian, and that I would forever be known as The Angry Librarian.

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