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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Rockstar and the Fairy Godmother

I've been pretty overwhelmed ever since I was offered a job I applied for over a year ago. It means relocating to Portland, and I hadn't realized until now just how complicated moving to another city is. Looking for an apartment was making me crazy. Apartments on Craig's List were rented 45 minutes after they were posted. Apparently it is not an easy time to get a place in Portland, which is why I am so happy to report I have found an apartment that will make even home owners jealous.

Finding it wasn't easy. I looked at crappy places that were too expensive, and beautiful places that would have required taking three busses to work. By the time I saw my building, I had already cried twice in one afternoon. I don't know what I would have done without N., who drove me around for 8 hours to look at places and served as my therapist the whole time. She is a rockstar who had a gut feeling we should turn down a particular street. I saw my building and told N. how cute I thought it was without even noticing the For Rent sign in the yard. I'm glad N. was paying more attention than me! I called the owner, she told me she had just put the sign up an hour ago.

I now consider my new landlord my Fairy Godmother. She has an impulsiveness I really appreciate; she bought the building without even seeing the inside of it in 1978. She rented me an 1100 square foot apartment with a fireplace, den and dining room for not a ton more than I'm paying for my place in Seattle. The deposit was $1000 less than some of the other places I looked at. She didn't check my credit, which frankly could be a lot better than it is. She didn't call my previous landlords. She said I seemed like a nice person, and that was enough for her.


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