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Monday, April 23, 2007

Not Worth It

Yesterday I decided to be proactive, that rather than just vent about people without manners, I would actually be direct and tell people when they did something that bothered me.

I decided to start with Mr. Calls-At-3:36 a.m. He's called about 5 times since the night he did that, and I haven't answered my phone. I probably should have called him to tell him what was bugging me, but I took the indirect email approach, and told him it was never okay to call me then, especially on a work night, and that he had made me uncomfortable.

Here is his response, sent 15 minutes later:

If my phone called you at that time in the morning, it must have been a mistake, since the only people I call at that time are in Europe or the East coast.

I guess his phone is a lot smarter than mine. Mine doesn't have a special feature that allows it to act independently, it requires that I make calls myself.

Even if the call was a mistake, which I don't buy for a minute, I'm assuming the person living on the East coast who he had intended to call would be pissed to get a call at 6:36 in the morning. I would be.

The next time I try to practice my boundary setting skills, I'll make sure the person who I do so with is a worthy candidate.


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