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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Last week my one of my aunts was in town. A couple versions of my life ago, we lived on different floors of the same crumbly old Victorian house and knew each others lives inside out. Now catching up takes a really long time and we were both struck by all the change in both of our lives since the last time we'd talked.

We talked about life change in general, and decided that ideally, everyone should have a social worker an and editor. In this new world, it would be determined at some age which role you would take on. My aunt is clearly the social worker type and I am an editor. I don't mean editor in the traditional sense, but in helping others navigate what they should and shouldn't say and do. I am constantly amazed by the shitty things people say to each other without thinking about how they sound. Some things are better left unsaid and hard news can be shared in thoughtful ways.

My new society could change all this. Groups of individuals and their editors and social workers would be matched; each individual in each triad would be part of another triad. For example, I might be one person's editor, but I would have my own editor and social worker in another group, and those editors and social workers would also have their own editors and social workers. All the conjoined triads would form a giant sphere.

Imagine the amazing people we could all become and how much smoother the world would run.



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