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Monday, October 15, 2007

Comfort Zone

I've been eating a lot of really great food lately. The idea of turning 38 doesn't thrill me, and I've been trying to soften the blow by stretching out my birthday as long as possible. I've already had three birthday dinners, and two of them have been at places I've already been to before.

I was really happy with what I ordered at both of these places the first time I ate there there, and despite wanting to explore the menus further, I was afraid of not liking something else as much as what I'd liked before, and ordered the same thing

This reminded me of a game I made up awhile ago that I have yet to pilot. It would be best to play it with at least four people. Everyone would go to a restaurant, and all parties would write their names down on slips of paper, and indicate if they were vegetarians or had any food allergies. The names would be put into a hat and everyone would draw a name. When the server came by to take orders, everyone would order for the person who's name they had drawn, without sharing the name of the person they were ordering for with the group.

I like this game not only because it forces people out of their comfort zones, but also because it could be played on a variety of levels. There is the option to be a little obnoxious and order something sketchy for someone else, or to order what you think is the best thing on the menu.

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