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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Cat Blogs

I love my cat Ray.

He makes people feel good about themselves. He purrs constantly and he'll sit on anyone's lap. A lot of people think they have a really unique relationship with him, that he especially likes them. They don't realize he's an equal opportunist cat who just likes laps and being pet.

About seven years ago, Ray fell out the window of my third floor apartment. Apart from being pretty stationary for the next couple of days, he was fine. Everyone asked me why he did it. If I was a more involved cat mother, I'd set up a blog for him. I could write from his point of view, like Abbie the Cat's owner does. I could explain why he chose to exit my apartment out the window that day, why he loves to splash in the bath, tell about the day he spent locked up in the dryer and talk about how he felt when I tried to put a collar on him for the first time in his 14 year life last month. But I respect both Ray and myself too much to do that to us.


Blogger Reverend G-Bend said...

Hey, Sis!

Funny you should write about unused condiments ... Just tonight I decided to marinate the Hallowe'en pot roast in: some left over vinagrette, Italian dressing and Garlic Chili Puree. I didn't dump the Rose's Lime juice in, but seriously considered it.

Safe, at least, from borrowing someone else's rationale for vegetarianism, I suppose?

-The Rev. G-Bend

7:35 PM  

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