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Monday, January 16, 2006


This weekend, I've made two separate trips to the store on a mission for Fresca.

The first time I struck out, I didn't put much thought into it. My lack of success in tracking it down today has me truly worried.

I love Fresca. My loyalty goes back for decades and through many product makeovers. I love the sparkly taste and it thrills me that it has no calories. I especially enjoy drinking it in the middle of the night, just waking up and drinking half a can. At one point I was drinking two Frescas a night, though I've scaled back considerably this year. I've really been craving it this weekend, though, and started to get nervous when I couldn't find it at QFC. I tracked down a store manager, who couldn't find it either and said it looked like they had stopped carrying it. I told him I thought that was odd because Fresca's recently tried to revamp its image and even added some additional flavors, which I have been warned by other Fresca lovers to avoid.

I told the store manager I couldn't imagine a life without Fresca and he gave me a product request form.

I went to buy the rest of my groceries and filled out the request form as the cashier was ringing me up. She noticed I was looking for Fresca and told me she thought the manager was wrong, that she had been working for QFC for 17 years and had a good sense of what they carried and what they didn't. She told me she'd seen it recently and advised me to come back tomorrow so that she could give me more information.

I really hope there's a good explanation for the Fresca shortage on Capitol Hill, and that the problem is corrected soon. In the meantime, I guess I'll just drink water.

Bon Appetit_


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