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Saturday, February 23, 2008


I never received love notes from strangers until I moved to Portland. Today I was given my third.

I was having cup of coffee at a little place in a strip mall in Gresham, and a man I'd noticed the week before came up, silently lay an envelope down on my table, and went back to his own table.

I felt a little self-concious opening the envelope; I was aware the people at the next table me were enjoying the drama. The card had a picture of a cat looking out a window on it, and inside, said only "I think you are wonderful." I packed up my stuff as quickly as possible, and headed off to the library.

I feel both relieved and a little sad that this Saturday was my last in Gresham. The class I've been co-teaching out there for the past two months ended today. I'll never go to the depressing coffee shop in the strip mall again and I won't have to have an uncomfortable conversation with my admirer explaining my disinterest. But I do feel a little badly for the guy who will probably think I'm avoiding the place because of him.


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