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Thursday, January 26, 2006

January Shoe of the Month

This month's featured shoe is a Red Cross Shoe. The name intrigued me, and it's been interesting to learn a little more about a pair of shoes I've had for at least ten years, but knew nothing about.

Red Cross Shoes was part of Cincinnati's U.S. Shoe Cooperation, and made it through some tough times before it was bought out in 1995. To keep afloat during the depression, they lowered all shoe prices to six bucks a pair. During World War II, they had to change their name to Gold Cross Shoes, because the American Red Cross wanted sole use of the Red Cross name, even though Red Cross shoes had been founded first. A good rebranding campaign kept the company in business.

I think my pair of Red Cross Shoes is from the 1930's. I've worn them to three different weddings, and should make an effort to wear them more often. They're really comfortable.




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