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Sunday, September 24, 2006

No Fun

The other day, a patron donated some games to my library. I was stunned to see The Ungame. I hadn't seen the game in twenty years and I'd convienantly forgotten it existed.

My mom got The Ungame for my family in the mid seventies and all of us kids hated it. I think my dad did, too. It' a non-competitive game; the cards players draw as they go around the board only pose questions about feelings.

I took the cards home to see if the game was as bad as I remembered. It is, and I am kind of proud of myself for identifying this at such a young age.

Here are some examples of the questions, and I'll even answer them for you, because I made an important discovery. I am too competitive to enjoy non-competitive games, but I kind of like expososing examples of the game's questions and sharing my answers in a bloggable format.

What do you think you'll look like in 10 years?
Really good, if my mom at 46 was any kind of indication. I promise not to perm my hair and dye it the wrong color to cover up the gray that is already starting to come in.

Complete the sentence. A time I will never forget is
...when my uncle's dog ran up from the basement with one of my guinea pigs, Scarlett O'Hair (a beautiful red head, pink eyed little pig) in his mouth. She died of shock about ten minutes later. Or, how about the time I fell right on my ass when I caught my first glimpse of Anchor Wot? I was so embarrassed I cried.

Complete this sentence: I talk the most when
... Oh, this one is almost too easy. I talk the most when I've had a couple of drinks.

Complete this sentence: A recent movie I enjoyed was
...Gray Gardens. I liked it because...the two women it profiles made me feel comparatively sane.

What is you favorite day of the week and why?
Until recently, it was everybody's favorite day, Friday, but now I work on Saturdays. I haven't figured out if I like Sunday or Monday better yet, since I've only been on this schedule for two weeks. I have a feeling it's going to be Monday, though. I like the idea of not having to share a weekend with other people. I can go out to breakfast without worrying about places being too crowded.

Complete this sentence: something I really like to receive for my birthday is____________ because_____________.

What a timely card! My birthday is coming up in less than a month. I'm a little nervous about it because I don't know a lot of people in Portland yet. No one at work will know it's my birthday, and also, I have to work until 8 that night.

I would like a lot of things. A new hat to replace my favorite hat that I have used in lieu of an umbrella for the past four years and lost last week. I'd like a new Bose, since my brother recently reclaimed the one he loaned me a few years ago. I'd really like some help painting my apartment, since my job is taking up most of my energy these days and also, I'm not able to move the furniture out of the rooms I want to paint by myself. I'd like a couple of new friends here, and maybe they could even help me paint. But mostly, I want to make sure people remember it. It's October 17th, and just a call would be fine.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I HATED that game... it was recently brought up in a business strategies class i went to. it doesn't suck any less than it did in grade school. Happy early burthday!

2:06 PM  
Blogger ~Virginia~ said...

Mine is the 16th! Hope you had a great one!

2:16 PM  

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