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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not Yours To Give Away

Last week, I loaned a good chunk of my antique hat collection, several vintage purses and multiple scarves people had given me to a youth librarian at another branch doing a dress up program.

I sent them through the library's delivery system in a library crate very clearly labeled.

Today I was informed that these items had been donated to Goodwill.

Please, try to let people take care of these things themselves. I do donate to Goodwill, but not my relatives' antiques.

I hate this week.


Monday, April 13, 2009


Sometimes when I go out for Vietnamese or Chinese food, I get really jealous of the people whose native cuisine it is that are eating there.

I want whatever they are eating. I am not always certain it is the same thing that is listed in the English section of the menu.

Unemployment is now at 12% in Oregon, and I have a great idea for a job. How about serving as a cultural and culinary liaison to those of us that don't know what we are ordering? A person could take a group of people out to dinner and order for them. In exchange, they'd get paid, eat a free meal, and maybe make some new friends.

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Friday, April 10, 2009


Last Sunday, I ran 6.6 miles for a total of 27.7 miles that week.

I was feeling great, and went out for a bike ride.

On the way home, a dog appeared out of nowhere. Riding a bike with only footbreaks, I hit the breaks hard, and crashed into a tree to avoid hitting the dog.

It's been a difficult week. I have a black eye, scabbed shoulder and no skin on the knuckles of my left hand. Going to work has been tricky, and "I hit a tree" seems like a cover up for bad thing that didn't happen.

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