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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Masculine Food

For some reason, the term "masculine food" popped into my head today. Maybe it was the Super Bowl. Who knows?

Generally speaking, masculine food requires very little preparation. It’s unhealthy and beer is always the perfect accompaniment to it. The following foods can be grouped into that category: chips, corndogs, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, ribs, and Vienna sausages.

Masculine food is generally meat based, which is why barbecuing is typically done by men. Actually, this a great way to teach a man to cook. I got an old boyfriend The Barbecue Bible for Christmas one year and it changed his life. He went from only knowing how to make deviled eggs to becoming a really accomplished cook, and made a successful transition from the grill to the kitchen.

Anyway, after awhile I started to wonder if I was clever enough to have coined the phrase masculine food or if someone had beaten me. I nosed around online and learned that of course the term was already in existance. I also learned that Playboy used to have an article featuring masculine foods in almost every issue from the 1950’s to the early 1970’s. Thomas Mario, who often wrote this column, considered the oyster to be a really masculine food.

I can imagine bachelors of the past wearing smoking jackets and eating oysters. I really doubt today’s bachelors sit around at home alone eating oysters. I’d like them more if they did.

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