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Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Don't Understand

Lately, it seems like the couples-who-share-an-email-address movement is on the rise.

To me, this is worse than taking your husband's last name. I know many women who have chosen to take their husband's name. None of them have the same reason, and all of the reasons are good; they range from wanting to get away from the last name Smith, to never having known their father and not feeling an attachment to their last name at all, to just liking their husband's last name better than theirs. While I would never change my last name, I can respect a woman's decision to do so.

I find it harder to understand shared email addresses. What sorts of thought processes do couples go through when they make the decision to share an address? What's the motivation? Email is free and anyone can get an address. What does sharing an email address mean? That couples who do have nothing to hide from each other?

I really like most of my friends partners, but that doesn't mean I want to write an email to them as a couple. I usually want to write my primary friend in the couple, and I find it difficult to be as candid as I'd like to when I know someone other than the intended recipient can read whatever message I've written.




Blogger ~Virginia~ said...

Amen! I understand the concept of "coming together as one", but gimme a break. At first only one of my friends did it after she got married, but now it's like a disease! I don't understand the need to (in my opinion) 'flaunt' that you're now married. I mean, I was at the wedding, I was a bridesmaid, I saw the honeymoon pictures...I get it. So does the rest of the world.

By the way, I stumbled upon your blog by hitting the 'Next Blog' button at the top of the page.

Have a great day!

2:12 PM  

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