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Saturday, February 11, 2006


It can't be disputed. I am definitely starting to get a gray streak in my left temple. These sneaky little hairs are coming in faster than I can pull them out. Besides, everyone says not to pull your gray hair out. Reasons behind this range from bad luck, to the hair will grow in coarser, to just the idea that gray hair is cool.

I think a little bit of gray can look really sexy on a guy. I think somewhere in the back of my head I associate it with maturity.

I like the idea of gray hair less on me than on guys. Partially it's because I don't think I ever believed it would happen to me. My mother and sister started getting gray hair in their early twenties. I have to admit I have taken more than a little pride in the fact that it hadn't happened to me. I pretended I wasn't aging.

I decided to take advantage of an upcoming hair appointment to find out what my options were for dealing with the gray.
I was completely shocked when the stylist recommended changing my hair color as part of the process. Apparently my natural hair color washes me out.

I actually really like the color of my hair. And call me crazy, but I think it matches my skin just fine. I'm sticking with my natural color for the time being, including those five gray hairs coming in on my left temple.


Blogger Ah-muh-na said...

I just randomly came across your blog and your first post caught my eye. Two weeks ago, while in the grocery store, my hubby saw my first gray hair. My life flashed before my eyes. It has hence disappeared. May it stay hidden forever :D But if (or maybe I should say when) it does came back, I'll probably just let it be. We'll see!

4:12 PM  

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